The Press Argues New Jersey Problem Gamblers Need More Support

On Sep 1, 2017, The Press of Atlantic City wrote about the rise of problem gamblers in NJ. Indeed, according to the Press, it seems that 21% of NJ’s resident are experiencing issues with gambling. They described the issue in 2 categories: disorder (6%) and addicted (15%).

We’re not sure exactly where the Press took its information from. If you remember a few months ago (June 2017) The Rutgers University report showed inconclusive results on this matter. The methodology scientists used to collect the data changed from previous studies. The scientist who delivered the report also stated that no 1 to 1 comparison is possible with past studies.

According to The Press of AC, the national average of problem gamblers is 2.9% across the USA. While in Nevada gambling problems are affecting 3.6% of the population. So, who should we believe The Press or The Rutgers University?800gambler

MGM took action

MGM recognize that some players may have difficulties controlling their impulse. For this reason, the casino establishment plans to integrate GameSense to all its establishment. It’s not clear if MGM will only add GameSense to its land-based casino or its upcoming online casino too.

How to know if you’re experiencing issues with gambling?

There are a few signs that people who experience problems with gambling have in common and they are:

  • Need to bet larger amounts to feel the same or more thrill.
  • Feeling irritable when trying to stop gambling.
  • Lying about the money lost or the time spent gambling.
  • Borrow money from others due to losses.

If you’re an online gambler you should know that online casinos have put in place measures to help players controlling their session length, losses and even deposit amount.

Furthermore, all NJ casinos advertise Gamblers should also know that help is only a phone call away if the game is no longer fun. The number to call is 1-800-GAMBLER.

Are you feeling any of the signs mentioned above? If so, there’s no shame in calling this number, in fact, it’s better to react to a problem then let it control you. Good luck in your recovery.