Powerful trio get together

The fast growth of Atlantic City and the gambling industry in the Garden State isn’t a secret anymore. Yet, some companies are looking for new and innovative ways to keep the momentum going. And this has brought us an unexpected collaboration. Indeed, the boardwalks mighty three Hard Rock Casino, Ocean Casino Resort, and Resorts Casino are teaming up to promote North Beach. While they’re competitors in the iGaming sector, it seems that they all want the same thing. And it’s to offer an amazing experience to their guests and players.

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Same, same but different

Without a doubt, all casinos aim to attract new patrons and create unforgettable memories. But the truth is, it’s merely impossible for one property to cater for everyone. So, the casinos have decided to promote the North Beach area instead. According to sources, big plans are in the making. And these plans will make the area a lot more attractive to the mass. In fact, this summer we can expect the trio to host a large block party and several musical events.

Powerful trio get togetherEric Matejevich, CEO of Ocean Casino Resort, summed it up well when he said. “We’re all working together for the first time to highlight what is a great experience here in North Beach. A guest can have three different casino experiences with around 40 different restaurants within a 10-minute walk.” And surely this is something worth bragging about, even if it means teaming up with the competitors.

Attracting non-gamblers can pay off

Even if gambling is at the core of Atlantic City’s economy, it seems that the casinos, at least the ones on the North Beach at looking to attract tourists even non-gambling ones. After all, the area has so much to offer. So, one has to be blind to think that Atlantic City is only for Gambling. Everyone loves good food, good music, and exclusive events too. Gamblers or not, and perhaps this means that once again, Atlantic City is doing its best to live up to its reputation of America’s favourite playground. Anyhow, summer 2019 will be one for the history books. And surely this will further help the city to win the heart of tourist for the years to come.