PointsBet Launches New Sportsbook in New Jersey

PointsBet Launches New Sportsbook in New JerseyIn terms of competition, the NJ sports betting market is starting to peak at new heights. With that said, Points Bet, went live with a new digital platform in the garden state. Plus, it brings something new to the table, and it could prove to be a game changer. So, let’s get straight to the facts and reveal how they plan to compete in NJ.

New Jersey’s Newest Sportsbook

On January 18th, PointsBet announced the launch of its first ever online mobile sports betting platform in NJ. Not to mention, this is also their first official product launch in the US. So without a doubt, this is a pretty big deal for the Australian-based sportsbook who recently established a corporate office in Jersey City.

PointsBet plans to compete by differentiating themselves from all other sportsbooks in the state. According to the company, they’ll offer a new kind of wagering never seen in the US before. For example, if a user bets $10 on the over, and the final score ends at 10 over, then the user will win $100. They’re calling it, PointsBetting, which is a new high-risk, high-reward betting format. Plus, users will still be able to place fixed odd wagers on simple win or lose scenarios.

Official Word from PointsBet

PointsBet US CEO Johnny Aitken said, “This is an exciting time for us. Our new sportsbook in NJ offers a unique, signature betting option not found anywhere else in the US. Not to mention, our new PointsBetting platform is going to be a game changer. So no matter how sophisticated the user is, he’ll soon discover that our offering is the best in New Jersey.” On that note, it looks like PointsBet is prepared to compete and deliver what no other sportsbook can provide. In terms of creativity and innovation, it’s likely we’ll see an aggressive response from other NJ sportsbooks in the weeks and months to come. So stay tuned, this is going to get exciting.