PointsBet Announces Multi-year Partnership deal with EML Payments USA

With all the action taking place in NJ right now, it’s sometimes easy to overlook all the other deals unfolding. For example, last week PointsBet signed a multi-year partnership deal with EML Payments USA. Now if you’re a player, then this is pretty big news for you! So with that said, let’s get straight to it.PointsBet Announces Multi-year Partnership deal with EML Payments USA

The Deal Benefits

First, EML is an instant and secure payment solutions provider. So this new deal with PointsBet will now allow you to place bets and collect your winnings much faster! Also, the two companies will soon introduce a reloadable card bearing the PointsBet brand name.

On that note, if you’re a player that prefers the Meadowlands Racetrack to do all your betting, then get ready, because this card is exclusively for you! Not to mention, points are also on the brink of launching their new sportsbook in New Jersey. So, it looks like this deal with EML will go a lot further as PointsBet looks to also expand.

Winnings immediately

PointsBet CEO Sam Swanell had this to say. “Our new partnership with EML will deliver the most benefits for PointsBet customers. Furthermore, it will deliver a reliable bet deposit method in a market where that’s been a challenge. Also, it will allow PointsBet clients access to their winnings immediately.”

EML CCO Brandon Thompson added. “Our success in providing innovative payment solutions to sportsbook providers in other countries gives us the experience needed to further succeed in New Jersey.”

Looking Forward

There’s no doubt about it, the landscape in New Jersey is rapidly changing before our very eyes! Although sometimes, we don’t even see these deals taking place. None the less, they’re happening, and it’s changing and reshaping how we see and play the game. For example, how many of us really know about the company EML?

However, they process $6.75 billion a year, and they operate in 21 countries across the globe. So just because you never heard of them, doesn’t mean they’re not there in the background hard at work making sure we have the best gaming experience. After all, nobody likes to wait for their winnings!