Playtech looking for an opportunity in New Jersey

Playtech is a globally recognized and well-known software company. As of recently, they have shown a lot of interest in NJ’s new regulated sports betting market. And with that interest, they are now applying for a license to operate in the state. Which, they’ll most likely get approved. In June 2017, the company inked a deal with Caesars Entertainment. The deal has the two working together at eight of Caesars UK locations. So, this gives the company a nice reference on their application.

Furthermore, Playtech is one of the largest online gaming software company in the world that trades on the LSE (London Stock Exchange). Also, they’re a major player in Mexico’s sports betting market. Which, already gives them a footprint in North America. But, a New Jersey license would definitely be the icing on the cake for the company going forward.Playtech looking for an opportunity in New Jersey

Playtech BGT Sports

Playtech’s BGT Sports is a subsidiary of the brand. And as CEO Mor Weitzer explained, “The company has great ambitions to join the US regulated market.” Weitzer also said, “Playtech has the ability to provide compelling offerings in the US. The sports-book is already one of the largest traders involving sports in the US.” Now, this is mainly due to their offerings in Mexico.

Also, the company looks to expand beyond New Jersey. As Weitzer said, “Playtech BGT Sports is suitable for the US market as it’s scalable from state to state.” So as one can see here, Playtech is very serious about their approach to offering a sportsbook in New Jersey. We look ahead to what will happen next as the application moves forward in the process.

Playtech’s connections in the US

As we mentioned above, Playtech has a unique partnership with Caesars Entertainment. So this could lead to another deal with Playtech in the future to focus on sports betting in the US. It looks as if Caesars will be the link for Playtech to join New Jersey’s regulated sports betting market. So stay tuned and keep an eye open as this story continues to unfold.