Playstudios seeks new venture

Playstudios seeks new venture. Playstudios is starting to spread its wings to North America. In case you didn’t know they’re an American company with an HQ in Vegas. To sum up, the company creates casino games for smartphones and social media. And now they’ve announced they inked a deal with Gateway Casinos. Indeed, the Canadian casino will offer rewards via Playstudios’ games. And without a doubt give fantastic visibility to an American product.Playstudios seeks new venture

Coupons for casino perks

The company created hundreds of slots, blackjack and poker game since it started in 2012. What’s more is that these games are very popular on social media. But until recently they didn’t offer any real prizes for winners. Until someone had the bright idea to cut deals with restaurant and hotels to give away coupons. And that of course only contributed towards the game’s popularity!

Social media focus

But the latest move can mark something more interesting. Indeed, Under the new deal, it will offer free food, rooms, and other bonuses at Gateway Casinos. All and all, the casino gets exposure, and new players via social media. At the same time, the developer’s games can offer more rewards to players.

In fact, the deal does not only bring benefits to both sides, but it also marks a new momentum. Who knows, it might be the perfect channel to drive players into brick-and-mortar casinos.

In total, Gateways has 27 properties in North America. And the company plans to expand to the east coast too. And doing so, it will get much closer to a huge player-base.

Is this the new model that will allow connecting social media with casinos? But the bigger question is… Will NJ casino take this onboard to cross-sell their casinos? Only time will tell. Continue to read our news to stay updated!