Players turns a buck into $10,000+ on FanDuel

It’s not the first time that a lucky FanDuel player turns a buck into 10k. But just because it happened last week, it doesn’t mean that this is not an extraordinary event worth reporting.

Indeed, the 13th week of the NFL season proved to be extra lucky for a New Jersey resident who placed a parlay bet on 12 games and nailed its prediction. The mega win was reported on December 2nd. So, let’s reveal how the lucky punter turned pocket change into a newsworthy win.

Players turns a buck into $10,000+ on FanDuel

Unfolding the action

As the lucky winner would tell you the Houston vs Patriots match bared more thrill than he could hope for. Indeed, the 9th wager on the parley helps him turning $1 into $10,128 after the Texan thought a lesson to the east-coasters.

And let’s not forget that the Bengals, Redskins and Dolphins games also had several nail-biting moments. But as it stands, placing the unlikely upsets can sometimes deliver more impressive wins. And if you have a hunch, why not risking it if you can handle the adrenaline. A small bet goes a long way as you can see.

The bigger the risk the bigger the reward

For some players, it’s obvious that parlay bets offer a lot of value. And that they’re the ones to place on FanDuel, even though they required many correct predictions to win. 12 out of 12, in this case. Parlay bets are indeed very risky. But as for all games of chances, these ones too use the approach that the higher the risks, the more significant the rewards. And when there’s only a buck on the line, even though a favourable outcome is unlikely, the potential rewards are certainly attractive.

After all, losing $1 in most cases only means skipping that Monday coffee on the way to work. Plus, that small wager can certainly add a lot of excitement to Sunday Football too.