Philadelphia’s Parx Casino Now Wants Online Casino in NJ

Looking back a few months ago, Philadelphia’s Parx Casino was once wary of offering online casino. Although a lot has changed since the legalization of sports betting. Nowadays, casinos must plan each step going forward if they want to remain successful.

With that said, it would be foolish not to offer players an online alternative. Especially in times where online casinos have become so popular with people. Taking that into consideration, Parx has decided to get involved. In fact, they even want to offer sports betting now! Having said that, let’s examine the details that prompted Parx to have a change of heart.

All things considered

According to sources, Parx has now acquired a license to offer online casino and poker. Not to mention, the casino also dropped an extra $10 Million to offer online sports betting! Then taking it a step further, Parx also revealed they have plans to open a casino and sportsbook in New Jersey!

Considering the facts, this move only makes sense. After all, more than 20 million live in the Tri-state region. Not to mention, the millions who pass through NJ on a daily basis. Also, more than 33% of Parx’s customers come from NJ alone.

Philadelphia's Parx Casino Now Wants Online Casino in NJA clear message

“We have full intentions of going into New Jersey. In fact, our data reveals that a third of our patrons come from there. And that alone helps us a lot. On that note, we still think it’s possible to join the market late in New Jersey and still be competitive.” Matt Cullen, Parx Senior VP of Sports & Interactive said.

Moving Forward

In conclusion, this move by Parx Casino displays attraction to the state. Not to mention, NJ is a hot spot destination for leading companies in the industry right now. Also, it would be ridiculous to assume that the state is already too saturated.

The truth is, this is only the beginning of things. Even Camden has seen a wave of companies flow into to the city this year! So, it’s quite clear that NJ is becoming a much more attractive place to do business. And the well-established Parx Casino would agree. So, welcome to New Jersey Parx!