Phil Ivey should stick to low stakes poker!

Despite the $10.1 million judgments against Phil Ivey, he can still compete online. Although, the Borgata suggest that the games should be under $100. This is due to a lawsuit against Ivey. Which, accuses him of cheating using a technique called edge-sorting. In 2016 the judge in the case ruled in favor of the casino and ordered that Ivey repay the lump sum of $10.1 million back to the Borgata.

Since the ruling, Ivey’s lawyers have been successful at delaying the return. And with his return back to the table earlier this year, the Borgata now suggest that it’s time to ante up.Borgata Casino

Phil Ivey back in the spotlight

With his return, which came from out of left field, has landed the poker star’s name back in the courtroom. Once again, the Borgata pushes forward to retrieve the $10 million that Ivey owes the casino.

Recently, the player entered the Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro. The event took place at the Maestral Resort & Casino, and as a result, Phil Ivey won over $1.6 million in the tournament. According to the Borgata, this win suggests that the elite poker star has the means to pay back the money he owes. Which, Ivey’s legal team has delayed. Furthermore, stating that the repayment of $10 million would cause him financial harm.

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Same technique different country

To conclude, the ruling that landed the poker pro in hot water in an NJ courtroom continues to boil. In 2017 the Supreme Court in the UK ruled in favor of Crockford’s Casino, which, also accuses Ivey of cheating. The ruling found Ivey guilty of using the same edge-sorting technique in their casino.

Although, the London-based casino caught onto the scheme before he could walk out with £7.7 million ($10m). As for the Borgata in Atlantic City, the battle rages on. Although the pressure is on for Ivey to return the money, he continues playing and winning. This further points to his ability to come up with fast cash in large lump sums. Which, should make it easy for the poker player to pay back the money owed to the Borgata. We will pay close attention to this story as things heat up again in New Jersey.