Phil Ivey Has Half Chance of Winning Appeal Says Lawyer

Apparently, the notorious poker player, Phil Ivey has a 50-60% chance of winning $10.1 Million Third Circuit Appeal. However, this news comes from his legal advisor Raffi Melkonian, an appellate attorney at Wright, Close and Barger in Houston, Texas. These are usually the odds a member of the bar gives when he knows his client could face defeat. Perhaps, New Jersey sportsbooks should pick up on this one.

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Far from Over

According to Melkonian, the final ruling should come no later than March 2020. It’s been almost three years since the US District Court Judge Noel Hillman concluded his judgment against Phil and his accomplice Cheung Yin Sun. Since then, Phil’s whereabouts are unknown. But, it’s believed that he’s somewhere in Central America.

But it’s no surprise really since we’ve recently learned that The edge-sorting scheme by Phil and Sun, couldn’t have worked if the Borgata hadn’t granted them an unusual request. Indeed, they required the dealer to turn the cards a certain way and use an automatic shuffler. Which, Borgata allowed so that they could win their business since they were betting $100,000 a hand. The act of marking isn’t defined under state casino laws, but the use of such cards is. Therefore, Judge Hillman ruled that Phil and Sun, did cheat, but maybe they didn’t after all.Borgata Casino

Phoney Odds

The truth is, counting cards isn’t illegal, although a casino can ban you for such acts. In this case, Phil didn’t count the cards; he was edge-sorting. But, his lawyer is hoping that the new judge will see the actions as card counting. Now, will this work? Who knows, until the court reaches a final judgement, we’ll just have to sit back and continue to let this story unfold. So, stay tuned as developments enter the final stage.