PGA Updates Gambling Regulations

In recent news, the PGA Tour announced they decided to move ahead and become more lenient toward sponsorship. Indeed, Casino companies can now officially market all six PGA Tours and offer great odds to players. What’s more, is that players are now able to receive sponsorship from bookmakers too. Which means that players can now display casino logos on their attire. All pro golfers received word on the change last week, so it’s likely we’ll see this shift take place in the next round of games.

A Closer LookPGA Updates Gambling Regulations

To sum up, the changes only apply to well-known online casinos who don’t focus on sports betting only. For example, companies such as William Hill and Bet365 won’t be able to sponsor pro PGA players. However, Betfair’s FanDuel and DraftKings are both able to join in the action. All this is possible and makes daily fantasy sports companies eligible for sponsorship.

According to PGA’s SVP Andy Levinson, “We felt it’s time to update our policies given the public opinion surrounding sports betting. So, it was time to change our regulations to be in line with public opinion.” He later said that, naturally, any relationship must promote responsible gambling.

Economic Opportunity

Levinson also spoke about other business opportunities that included players seeing more money. He said, “Casinos have the ability to reach out to their customer base. In return, that will help tournaments reach a wider audience. So, from a financial point of view, there’s a whole lot to gain from all of this.”

He later noted that the PGA has been working on this for over a year, so it was only a matter of time before this change took place. With the Tour taking a new stance on sports betting, it looks like this is a win-win for all parties. Plus, it’s going to increase earning potentials for players. Also, it creates new business relationships for everyone involved. After all, Golf is one of the most popular sports in the US, so it’s lovely to see that you’ll now be able to bet on it at your favourite sportsbook!