PGA Tour embraces a new responsible “Game Plan”

< The PGA Tour has just signed up for the American Gaming Association's (AGA) latest initiative, "Have a Game Plan, Bet Responsibly." Currently, the PGA Tour has some high profile sports betting partners, including FanDuel, and BetMGM to name but a few. They say that they want to educate Golf betting fans on responsible gambling AGA's new initiative. This new movement will see the Tour create content that encourages users to bet responsibly and "know when to lay up." They'll then use this new content on digital and social media platforms. What's more, there will also be public service announcements on the PGA Tour Radio.PGA Tour embraces a new responsible "Game Plan"

Educating fans

To sum up, the VP of Gaming at the PGA Tour said that responsible gaming is one crucial part of their sports betting strategy. So, they want to give fans the “appropriate resources” to prepare them anticipating the risk of gambling and educate them. Essentially, he believes that signing up for the new campaign will help them “provide a consistent message focusing on responsible gaming.”

However, this isn’t the only big name to join the responsible gaming awards efforts. Indeed, NASCAR and the National Hockey League are also part of this. Now, all of these sports are focusing on gambling education. So, they encourage players to set a budget and stick to it. They should also know the odds and, of course, only bet with safe operators that are DGE compliant.

A step forward

The AGA SVP, Casey Clark, said they’re very happy that the PGA Tour has joined this new campaign. He went on to say that as sports betting gets more popular, it’s vital that “gaming education keeps pace.”

All and all, he believes that this move shows that The Tour has a “thoughtful approach to sports betting.” Plus, that they have their patrons’ best interest at heart. This is a step forward in engaging big players in the industry to educate fans on safer gambling. But more importantly, it’s by creating awareness about an issue that the right people can get help. It’s a proven fact; those who invest in responsible gambling always win in the end.