Paysafe and Worldpay Team Up to Join the US Sports Betting Action

There’s no doubt, iGaming in NJ has captured global attention. Not to mention, the interest is so intense we’re now seeing companies merge to make a difference! With that said, Paysafe and Worldpay now plan to extend their reach in the US. In other words, they want a slice of all the transactions flowing in and out of the online gaming market! And with all due respect, they bring a lot to the table as you’ll read below.

Partnership Benefits

Paysafe and Worldpay have their sights set on becoming payment processing leaders in the US. To sum up, their goal is to provide digital payment solutions for online casinos and sportsbooks. And for that reason, the two payment providers decided to team up! In fact, the new partnership will enable smooth transactions and reduce operating costs.

Furthermore, it will allow global payment acceptance. Also, Paysafe will enjoy Worldpay’s wide range of payment solutions. As for Worldpay, they’ll now be able to take advantage of all Paysafe’s online payment options including Neteller.

So without a doubt, this deal could change how operators process payments in the future! After all, there’s been a lot of complaints in that sector. So going forward, this deal could likely become the solution.

Paysafe and Worldpay Team Up to Join the US Sports Betting ActionOfficial Word

Following the news, Joel Leonoff CEO of Paysafe said. “This partnership will help meet the needs of U.S operators and players. Also, it will be very cost effective for everybody. Our unique payment platform can support all transactions. Going forward, we feel confident as we approach this new and growing sector.”

Also, Shane Happach of Worldpay added on the deal. “ By combining our experience, we’ll be able to simplify payments although we aim to protect the integrity of every single transaction. After all, we’re a leading provider for several companies.”

So as you can see, the industry is rapidly changing, and it seems that companies are keen to make the world of online gaming even more accessible for everyone to enjoy!