Pay a visit to 500 Boardwalk and check out the new restaurant!

Pay a visit to 500 Boardwalk and check out the new restaurant! Recently the prominent steakhouse, American Cut opened its door in Atlantic City. And The Ocean Resort Casino is proud to house the newcomer. American Cut Steakhouse takes pride in delivering only the best quality products and atmosphere to its customers. In fact, American Cut is the number one steakhouse according to Fox News. What’s more is that Hospitality Design also recognized the restaurant by naming it “International Best Designed Fine Dining Restaurant” not long ago.Pay a visit to 500 Boardwalk and check out the new restaurant!

Who is bringing this mouth-watering sensation to Atlantic City?

The LDV Hospitality is one of the main share owners in the new restaurant. And as you know, they’re a hub that enables new gastronomic venture. What’s more is that they have an excellent track record of delivering outstanding experiences. In fact, the company only backs restaurants and chefs that have excellent reputations. “The passion and philosophy of LDV are to take inspiration from the iconic classics of old world cultures and adapt them to our modern social life”. So, it’s not surprising that they’re bringing one of their ten house brands and chef to Atlantic City. More precisely the American Cut with chef/Owner Marc Forgione.

Who is Chef Marc Forgione?

Chef Forgione is no stranger to cater to all walks of life and taste with three restaurants under his belt, such as American Cut, Lobster Press and co-owning Khe-Yo. If you think you heard of this chef before and you can’t put your finger on it. Let us jog your memory. In 2010, at the age of 30, Mark became the youngest chef/ owner to receive a Michelin star. Additionally, in 2010 he won the popular TV show “The Next Iron Chef”.

Chef Marc Forgione steak tip

If you dream of a good steak, you need to think of the basic flavor and seasoning, according to Forgione. “It’s all in the seasoning. In general, you need to know how to season with salt and pepper, and surprisingly many people mess that up. It has to be a good cut of meat too. Personally, I prefer dry-aged steaks”.