Patriotism was at its highest in Atlantic City’s Casinos

Not long ago, the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) took home the World Cup final in Soccer. In fact, the team proved to be at the top of their game with their back-to-back victory at the World Cup Championship. What’s more is that thanks to their latest win, they’re now ranked number one in the world. Plus, there following up from previous wins in 1991, 1999, and 2015. So, the latest victory makes it a total of four wins for the women’s team.

Many sportsbooks around the city saw cheering supporters rushing through their doors for that special day. And, many gather up to see their team bring home the gold once again.

Fans showed up to give their support

Indeed, traveling in from Hamilton Township, Mercer County was National Soccer Hall of Famer Bobby Smith and his son Ryan. The duo showed up at the Borgata’s new Money line Bar and Book to watch the game. And before the match started, he was confident that the USWNT would bring home the gold. Patriotism was at its highest in Atlantic City's Casinos

Over at Golden Nugget, former college soccer player Brian Laurinaitis said this about the team. “They’re cocky, and they’re backing it up.” Although, the hottest fans on that day appeared to be at Bally’s enormous 15,000-square-foot sportsbook. In fact, the crowd exploded on both occasions after the women found the net.

On the rise to a larger fan base

Currently, the number one sport in the US is football’s and the second most popular sport is Baseball. Now, coming in 3rd place is basketball and hockey in 4th. But surprisingly, in 5th place it’s Soccer. And with the latest win from USWNT, many believe that Soccer will take up more room on the American sports scene.

But also that bookmakers will have more odds on this sport too. Now the question is, will the men’s team qualify for the 2022 world cup and repeat the women success? Fingers crossed.