Panic-button legislation in Atlantic City

It’s easy to praise the explosive growth that Atlantic City has seen the last year. However, with increased exposure brought on by tourism, so does the responsibilities for the employers. Sure, the sudden influx of people visiting the city has created a boom in new jobs and opportunities too. But it has also brought an element of insecurity to the local workforce, especially to the housekeepers. The truth is that knocking on a door to a stranger’s room can be hard by itself. But not to feel safe doing it, that has to change.Panic-button legislation in Atlantic City

Phil Murphy had enough

Phil Murphy fully supports the housekeepers. And to show his support, he’s recently signed a bill demanding that NJ hotels with more than 100 rooms take action. In fact, the Governor wants to see a portable panic-button device put in place. The hotels that need to comply with the new legislation are mostly big casinos and resorts in Atlantic City. So, in other words, Harrah’s, Caesars, Resorts, Hard Rock and Ocean Casino Resort will need to adapt.

In essence, staff members who feel harassed can use the device. But also when there’s an emergency or believe there is an ongoing crime. The targeted hotels need the portable panic-button installed by January 2020. Although the bill only calls for the 100 plus room establishments to obey. Smaller hotels will most definitely follow to keep their staff safe.

Past the planning stage

According to sources, some of the major hotels and Casinos in the area have already put this in motion. And it won’t be long until we see a sign in the lobby of all NJ casinos reading. “We support a safe work environment. Our staff is equipped with a Panic-button.”

All and all, Murphy was very happy to see the casinos take action quickly. And when signing the bill, he said. “I am proud to sign the panic-button legislation to give hotel workers security and the ability to call for help immediately, should they need it.” Now the question is, which big hotel will be the next one to comply.