Ozzy rocks New Jersey one last time in farewell tour

In case you missed the show, don’t worry we got you covered right here!

At PNC Bank Park Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, the skies darkened and the rain came down when Ozzy took the stage. But, the weather stopped nothing, and people still came by the thousands to hear “All Aboard!” one last time! As he walked out on the stage, fans went wild and then he said, “Can you believe in December I’ll be 70 years old? I thought I was going to die when I was 25!”

The fans continued to cheer him, and then he said, “Let the madness begin!” After those words, Ozzy opened up the show with Bark at the Moon. And for the next 100 minutes, Ozzy rocked the crowd one last time in Holmdel.

Ozzy Osbourne
Photo By: Ross Halfin

From No More Tears to No More Tours

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 51 years since the Prince of Darkness first let the world hear his voice. Since then, Ozzy has become a name that everybody knows. Even if Metal is not your genre of choice, you still know Ozzy Osbourne. His songs have dominated rock stations all over the world, and continue to rock until this very day! The Rock god is finally throwing in the towel. Well not for real, but he’s no longer going to tour the world anymore. Ozzy is now 69 years old and according to the rock legend, he wants to spend more time with his family. “My life is Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I don’t get to see and spend time with my family.” So, thank you, Ozzy, for all the awesome music you gave us, but now it’s your time!

As the show rolls on

To be honest, here, Ozzy is definitely getting up there in age, this is no secret. Yet, he is still out here doing what he loves and giving you what you love as well. Although you could hear in his voice that this is the end. Indeed, his bad was stellar, but you can tell that 69 years old has seen his glory days. On that note, in case you missed him in New Jersey, don’t panic, he will be on tour in America for the next month. His last performance will be in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on October 13th. So make sure to look up tour dates and catch Ozzy Osbourne one last time on tour!

Final word from the Prince of Darkness

“I’ve been so blessed to have had two successful music careers.” Referring to his success with Black Sabbath and as Ozzy Osbourne himself. He then goes on to say, “I’m looking at this final tour as being a big celebration for my fans. And that goes for everyone who’s enjoyed my music over the past five decades.”

In conclusion, he may be stepping away from world tours, and this might be the last time we’ll get to see him perform live. But the truth is, Ozzy will never die! His music will live on for generations to come! And with that said, Mama, I’m coming home!

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