Owner Bruce Deifik Sells Ocean Resort Casino In Atlantic City

Breaking news, CEO Bruce Deifik sells Ocean Resort Casino six months after celebrating its Grand Opening! As a result, curiosity has spread across the city with a ripple effect. At a time when competition is at its highest, an unexpected move like this gets everyone’s attention. Not to mention, the buyer’s identity still remains a mystery. However, we were able to obtain some details of the deal. With that said, let’s get straight to the action!

The Plan In Motion

There’s no doubt about it; everybody wants to know what’s next for Ocean Resort Casino. After all, what happens next will have an effect on every hotel and casino in New Jersey! According to sources, the unidentified buyer plans to immediately invest at least $70 Million into the casino resort. The deal will be finalized on Thursday, at which time the public should learn who the new owners are.

Owner Bruce Deifik Sells Ocean Resort Casino In Atlantic CityAfter all, they’ll need to receive a license by NJ regulators and have their identity revealed. At this point, we still don’t know how much the casino sold for, but it’s said to be worth at least $2.4 Billion! In 2014, previous owners filed Chapter 11 and later sold the casino for $82 Million. Soon after, Deifik purchased it for $200 Million.

Official Word On the Deal

Going forward, Deifik had this to say, “It’s been an honour for myself and my family to have been a part of reopening this amazing property. In just six months, we were able to bring players and families back. As a result, we became the best gaming property in New Jersey. Finally, we want to thank the 3,000 plus employees who made all this possible.

The next round of investments will put Oceans on a path of growth and opportunity.” In the meantime, Ocean Resort Casino remains open for business with any cancellations in effect. Moving forward, the deal remains in motion. So stay tuned because this is only the beginning and things are about to get very exciting in the weeks and months to come!