Online staff at Tropicana AC out of work after Eldorado takes over

This is the hardest part about reporting news, the sad stories. And losing your job for something you didn’t do is a tragic situation. So on that note, let’s dig in and find out what took place here and see if we can cast a little positive light on this story.

First, as you may or may not know, Eldorado Resorts recently purchased Tropicana Ent. So, as expected, the house got shook up a little. The employees were not let go because of something they did wrong. The truth is, Gamesys already operates the online casino for Tropicana.

Eldorado online gambling

So as we all know, online gambling and sports betting in NJ are now in full motion. Which means, Tropicana already generates $3 million a month in revenue. So it wouldn’t be in Eldorado’s interest to let that slide. In fact, Eldorado already has deep roots in the market. Not to mention, they also have solid partnerships. So it’s only logical that they’ll use what they already have to make the old Tropicana experience much better! Also, Tropicana didn’t even have a sportsbook and Eldorado is already a partner with William Hill. So, we will most definitely see another sportsbook open up in Atlantic City in the weeks to come.

Official word from Eldorado

Tom Reeg, president & CFO of Eldorado said, “We’re coming in with our eyes wide open. We’re going to have to fight for our position in New Jersey’s market. We expect a fight, and we’re preparing to get involved. We bought an asset that we hope is still competing for 50,100 years from now.” So as you can see, the fun is about to begin! Changes are going into effect, and this story is about to get very interesting going forward.Online staff at Tropicana AC out of work after Eldorado takes over

Going Forward

In conclusion, Eldorado Resorts is now the new kid on the block in Atlantic City. They have the experience and the know-how to compete and entertain. At the moment, it’s too early to say what will happen next. The truth is, many things will happen in the coming days. There’s a lot of changes going on at the old Tropicana as foreseen. Eldorado might become your favorite casino in Atlantic City! As of now, we only require to let all the changes take its course, and in the end, all will be good.