Online payment gets a new addition

As more people are on the go, everything is accessible from smartphones these days. The reality is that folks needs are increasing when it comes to safe mobile payment options. And the multinational payments provider, Paysafe Group, picked up on that.

Indeed, in recent news, we’ve learned that the provider launched Mobile Pay in the US. Which, according to the company, offer more flexibility.

The product was soft-launched in Q3 2019 to various small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). And the market responded well to it. And so far, approximately 17,000 SMB’s in the US have embraced the payment option.

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Old favorite disappoints

Nowadays, the most commonly used options to pay online in the US is either credit cards or debit cards. Around 85% of online merchants accept credit cards. Yet, payment by card has proven to be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to online gambling. We all know that banks and credit institutions sometimes declined transactions.

A recent survey highlighted that 56% of merchants believe that a significant number of customers want to prioritize other option. Plus, they’re expecting the number to rise from 30% up to 50% before the end of 2020. Worth to take note of, the number reflects the whole online sector and does not single out any type of business.

Increased demandOnline payment gets a new addition

All and all, users nowadays are more aware of alternative payment methods. At least when it comes to online transactions. In fact, more sales are coming through a different payment platform other than a credit or debit card.

And O.B. Rawls, President of the North America Payment Processing vertical at Paysafe recently reflected on that and said. “Smartphone and tablet usage in the US has never been higher, which is serving as a catalyst for the strong growth in mobile payments.”

But the truth is, the online casino industry has picked up on that a while back. And to meet the demands casinos like Golden Nugget, and Borgata already offer other non-credit card alternatives. This way, it’s easier for folks to have fun online. But also easier to play responsibly, especially when playing with e-vouchers solutions like paynearme.