Online gambling does not cause a spike in gambling problem

If you’re a savvy news reader you’ve probably stumble on this news. Indeed, some say that since the legalization of online gambling the problem gamblers are also rising. But, it’s important to not draw a conclusion too quickly from the headlines.

The Rutgers University was hired to study the problem. While the study revealed that problem gamblers appeared to have triple. It also revealed that the problem perhaps existed all along but we were simply not aware of it. This is because the researcher’s methodologies have changed. Plus a wider group of people took part in the surveys.

How does work methodologies affect results?

First, the past studies were only conducted via phone. They only reached out to the population who had a land line. So, you should ask yourself who still has a land line today in the USA? Are these people likely to play online casino?online casino nj

The new study contacted both land line and cell owners. Which means it reached out to a technology driven group. Additionally, the surveys were also published online for the first time. Which means it attracted a younger demographic.

Since the method used to compile results have changed no one should draw a direct comparison between past study and today’s reality.

The results have shown that 19% of the NJ population gamble online and offline. They have also shown that 5.3% of the population gamble solely online. The group that gambled online and offline had more problem with gambling. But, perhaps the same group use to gamble more before in brick and mortar casino.

Strict standard in fair play and responsible gaming.

Online casinos have strict protocols in place to detect problem gamblers. It’s these strict responsible gaming standards that prevent the population from developing an addiction. Playing online casino is always more fun when the game remains a game.

Remember, if you feel that your session is getting out of hand. Quickly contact the customer care department. They are there to help you! Have fun and play safely.