Online Gambling Expected to Reach Over $5 Billion by 2025

When it comes to the online casino market in North America, the future looks very promising. Even if you narrow it down to just New Jersey, it still looks great. With innovative companies like Betfair’s FanDuel and 888 casino leading the way, it can only get better with time. In fact, predictions reveal that by 2025, online revenue will reach over $5.6 Billion. When considering those kinds of figures, it’s quite obvious as to what direction this market is heading.

Crunch Time

At this point, the online casino market in New Jersey is booming with excitement and energy. Not to mention, records are broken every month as new trends take over old ways. From 2014 to 2018, the annual market growth was at a steady 13.7% and grew from $2.5 Billion to $3.6 Billion during the four years.

However, the game is changing at a much faster pace these days and showing no signs of slowing down. Therefore, it’s likely these predictions will go much higher as they come from old statistics. Plus, many analysts believe New Jersey will see more than $400 Million in revenue this year alone. So, that’s another sure indicator that the online market is thriving and is quite healthy.Online Gambling sports betting

Online Sports Betting

In addition to all those other juicy statistics, online sports betting in the Garden State is on the rise. Considering the standalone market is still in its infancy, nothing seems to be standing in its way of progressing. Since launching in June 2018, sportsbooks in NJ handled $300 Million. On that note, 2019 should easily crush those numbers.

As of February, NJ sportsbooks handle over $700 Million. So as you can see, the forecast is much lower than what the market is capable of. Even Betfair’s FanDuel handled $800,000 more last month than it did in January 2019. So no matter what way you look at this, the online gambling market combined with online sports betting is growing at a much higher rate than anyone ever predicted. At this stage, the sky’s the limit in 2019.