Online casino winners for September

Once again, Borgata’s online winners dominate the headlines. And as usual, the winnings are huge! So on that note, let’s jump straight into the action and see what the lucky winners played on. And how they manage to collectively pocket over $25,000 in winnings! Indeed, this week we have something truly special to report. So for the inside scoop, keep on reading.Borgata Casino

Jo Ann blew all the fuses

First up we have Jo Ann from Runnemede, New Jersey. On September 7th, she bet $2.00 on the Volts and Bolts slot game and in return, she nailed it for an electrifying $4,006.00! Way to go, Jo Ann!


On September 3rd, Christine from Morganville, New Jersey won a jaw-dropping $7,500.00 playing OMG! Kittens. She placed a $6.00 bet, spun the reel and hit it big! That might be the best six bucks she ever spent! We don’t know that for sure, but betting $6.00 and winning $7,500.00 in return is enough to make anybody jump out their socks! So congratulations Christine, for a “purrfect” play!

Dancing to the beat of the drum

And we saved the best for last, on September 4th, Diane from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey took the cake home and ate it too! She placed a $13.20 bet on the Dancing Drums slot game, and in return, she hit the beat for $15,000.00! Wow, now that’s impressive! Better yet, that’s inspirational! This lucky lady proofs that you don’t need to go out to enjoy good old-fashioned casino fun! We salute you Diane for the bold bet, but in the end, scared money doesn’t make money! And you proved that here.

Borgata online poker winners

The Sunday $35K Guarantee made a few people a few thousand dollars richer. Username Deezer was this weeks champion on the tables, bringing in an impressive $7,455! Second up we have, CharlieBrown, he raked in a grand total of $5,075! Way to go, Charlie! And third place goes to Lanfeust who brought in a lump sum of $3,815! Now that’s how you play the game!

There were several other poker winners, but we thought these three guys deserved the recognition. This is how you play the game. Have fun and play smart, you never know, the next winner story might be about you! So good luck!