One of our own honoured in National event!

One of our own honoured in National event! As you know, Marcus Glover is the president of Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. But what you probably don’t know is that the man was recently honored at Philly’s OIC luncheon.

This year the event was in May, and the list of award winners was recently made public. All and all, the Luncheon recognized several communities and business leaders. These people all made contributions to the Centre last year.

To sum up, Marcus Glover won the Award for his visionary and leadership skills. As you’re aware, The Borgata is one of the top destination hotel and casino in town. Additionally, many believe the casino is what it is today thanks to Glover’s friendly approach!Borgata Casino

More on the OIC.

Sure the OIC give away awards, but it does a lot more than that. In fact, it first started in 1964. The late Reverend Dr. Leon H. Sullivan was its creator. To summarize, the center tries to give opportunities to all members of the community. And especially to those who need it the most. The center combats issues like unemployment and illiteracy. Moreover, it also helps the homeless and disadvantaged to become more independent. Besides, to the human services the center also helps with housing. Similarly, the center provides education, training, and courses to help individuals. Which, of course, gives more chances in life to those who attend!

Other prize winner!

The luncheon not only honors those who have given their support to the charity. In fact, the events help to create awareness for the center and all its causes. The Borgata was the main Sponsor of the annual event. Other recipients include Julie Coker Graham of the Philly Visitors Bureau. Also, Jennifer Rodriguez of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. And finally, from the Eagles, Malcolm Peck also walked away with top honors!

Join us in congratulating the winners and in thanking the charity who’s paying it forward!