Odell Beckham’s stats prove that he’s worth the $65 million

Odell Beckham’s stats prove that he’s worth the $65 million. OK, let’s clear up a few things here. First, we all know Odell has a lot of haters, but those contrary opinions are faceless and do not reflect his stats. Second, if you’re mad about his new $65 Million contract like many, his numbers already make him a legend even if he’s not won a Superbowl ring, some believe.

As you know, Dan Marino played 16 years for the Dolphins and retired without a ring! And he is a real NFL legend! And that goes to prove that numbers mean everything in this game.Odell Beckham's stats prove that he's worth the $65 million

Facts in place

As we all know, Odell Beckham recently inked his name on a new contract with the NY Giants for $65 million. And we all know this has the industry talking.

So with that said, let’s crunch some numbers. In his first year in the NFL three years ago he broke several NFL rookie receiving records that year. And that’s despite the fact that he missed his first four games due to a hamstring tear. Still, he became the first player to record more than 75 receptions, 1,100 yards, and ten touchdowns as a rookie!

And we all remember that legendary one-handed catch that resulted in a TD against Dallas! And as that season came to an end, he won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award!

A word for the legend

If you ask a Giant fan they’ll tell you that Odell already is a hometown hero and a legend! And a recent study conducted by a popular social media platform. Shows in fact that The Giants trumps in the numbers of followers than the Jets in the northern part of New Jersey. And without a doubt this recent pole gets the bookies’ blood pumping! Because we all know that even a small bet on a game can make it more exciting! And given all the controversy around Odell’s contract nowadays the sport is sure getting lots of press which will perhaps results in more fans placing bets!