Ocean Resorts steps up the competition in Atlantic City

Ocean Resorts steps up the competition in Atlantic CityAtlantic City is one of the most competitive cities in the United States. Which, speaks volume considering the population is barely over 38,000! Although despite these facts, it’s the city’s aggressive casino market that allows it to thrive in a competitive industry.

The motto here is, “hustle hard, play hard!” And everybody knows, AC works and plays the hardest! So, that’s how AC earned the name, “America’s Favorite Playground!” And America’s Favorite Playground is about to get even more Fun. In fact, recently Ocean Resorts announced they’re stepping up the competition. In fact, they’re now hooking up with a successful concert promoter in plans to dominate the city’s nightlife in 2019!

Ocean Resorts Concert Takeover

According to sources, Ocean Resort struck a promotion deal with The Bowery Presents AEG. As a result, Ocean Resorts is now going to see a lot more big-name concerts at its legendary Boardwalk location!

In fact, The Isley Brothers, Brooks, and Dunn, Lee Brice, and several others are already in the line-up! So, it didn’t take long getting this deal in motion! Which, is good news for Ocean Resorts considering how essential it is to have an awesome concert schedule in AC. Not to mention, in terms of competition, nobody makes music like Hard Rock AC!

Going Forward

Bruce Deifek CEO of Ocean Resorts said, “We’re really ecstatic about landing this new partnership deal. In fact, we’re extremely confident that we’ll now be able to deliver real consequences. Not to mention, we already have up to 120 offers out there, and we expect that they’ll all accept.”

So as you can see, business is going strong at Ocean Resorts. On that note, you can look on their website for further concerts and bookings! Until then, be safe and let the good times roll at ocean Resorts!