Ocean Resorts Facing Lawsuit

As much as we don’t like to report bad news… Still, we have to report that Ocean Resorts CEO Bruce Deifik is now at the center of a nasty lawsuit. According to sources, former HQ2 nightclub co-owner, Joe Morrissey is suing Mr. Deifik. However, the allegations made by Morrissey sound rather fishy. On that note, we’ll let you decide. So, drop down below for all the details!

The Inside Scoop

Mr. Morrissey officially filed a lawsuit with the New York State Supreme Court. According to the documents, Morrissey claims Deifik owes him over seven figures! Morrissey claims he approached Mr. Deifik about an allegation made by a female employee at HQ2 and all hell broke out afterward. According to Morrissey, Deifik became angry and bullied him out of the business.

Morrissey also claims Ocean Resorts casino is looking for a new buyer. And they wanted him out so he couldn’t get a slice of the pie. Although there’s no word on Ocean Resorts looking to sell, in fact, they just landed a deal with one of the biggest concert promoters in the US. Not to mention, business is up and doing quite well. So, at this point, it’s a lot of hearsay and gossip…

Morrissey lost his position

All and all, Morrissey lost his job for some undisclosed reason, and he’s feeling sour about it. In other words, Morrissey lost his gig at the nightclub, and now he’s really showing his feelings. In fact, it seems like Morrissey is only upset because he won’t be around when or if the company does sell. Either way, that’s all hearsay.

Ocean Resorts Facing LawsuitUndoubtedly this story is still unfolding, since the court has not set a date for the hearing, yet. But on a good note, Morrissey has a new job. And it seems that he didn’t need Mr. Deifik’s recommendation for his new role in NYC.