Ocean Resort Casino to Feature the World’s Biggest Golf Simulator!

The sports betting craze is bringing another gem to Atlantic City. Soon, Ocean Resorts Casino (ORC) will feature the world’s biggest Topgolf Swing Suite. The popular golf simulator promises interactive entertainment second to none to sports fans. All and all, this was made possible thanks to an alliance between Global sports entertainment leader Topgolf and Full Swing. And following the news ORC decided to join forces with the two companies. Perhaps in the hope to give its guest even more entertainment choices! After all, we all know that many sports lovers are keen golfers. And now that ORC can offer a sportsbook, it’s natural that the casino search for new ways to keep the punters happy!Ocean Resort Casino to Feature the World's Biggest Golf Simulator!

New installation and new golf bay

To sum up, ORC confirmed the addition of 11 golf bays on an area of 26,000 sq feet. In essence, each bay will offer seating and fun for up to eight people. Most importantly, the visitors of ORC this summer will enjoy a state-of-the-art simulated green. But also multi-sports games thanks to this technology. And let us not forget the spectacular ocean views, that each bay will have. Following the news Ron Powers president of Topgolf Swing Suite said. “We’re extremely proud to partner with ORC to bring this one-of-a-kind, interactive social experience to AC visitors of all ages.” There’s no doubt that this new attraction will attract both visitors and locals. And yet gives an edge to ORC since it’s the only casino to offer this type of attraction.

To conclude

The new sports betting legislation caused a small earthquake in the industry. In fact, if you follow the news you already know that many tech providers, sports events promoters, and DSL providers are teaming up with land-based casinos. And this new venture is just a fine example of all the benefits Sports betting will have in NJ.