Ocean Resort Casino Presents David Feherty in Live Off Tour

In terms of versatility, Ocean Resort really knows how to switch things up a bit. With that said, David Feherty’s Live Off Tour will be coming to town on April 13th, 2019. Which, is a great opportunity for all you pro-golf fans out there to see the legend live and in person. And for all you who never seen him live in action, well this is an excellent opportunity for you too! So without further delay, let’s drive this one home with the details!

Live Off Tour ORC Details

As you may know, Faherty is much more than a retired professional golfer. In fact, he’s a writer and an NBC sports broadcaster too. Not to mention, he also covers sporting events on the Golf Channel. Faherty is famous for his clever interviews with athletes, celebrities, and even politicians. So without a doubt, he has some stories to tell! And that’s exactly what he’ll be doing on April 13th at ORC.

Also, he has a very humorous side. So when Faherty is telling the story, you can expect to laugh as well. Even the New York Times said he’s “the funniest man in the game.” Now that David is well past his European and PGA Tour days, he’s still making his rounds. With that said, tickets went on sale January 18th, so definitely reserve your seat now. In the meantime, drop down below and check out the official word.

Ocean Resort Casino Presents David Feherty in Live Off TourAlways Welcomed at Oceans

According to Joe Grande, Assistant GM at Ocean Resort Casino, “David brings deep insight to the game of golf. Not to mention, he totally has a unique way of bringing the game to life through the funniest commentary ever. It’s really amazing to see him perform live, the audience truly loves and appreciates his delivery style. By all means, this is a show for everyone, even if you’ve never picked up a club before.” So as you can see, he’s always welcomed at ORC. On that note, stay tuned. Once he takes the stage, we’ll deliver all the details for those who missed the show! But, you won’t be able to say we didn’t warn you!