Ocean Resort Casino Partners Up with the Arena Football League

As many have long forgotten about Arena Football, they’re once again trying to make a comeback. In fact, they have six teams competing this year. Which, is up from the four that they had in 2018. Not to mention, Atlantic City now has a team of their own! However, they still don’t have a name yet. At the moment, they’re just going by Atlantic City AFL (AC AFL). Also, Ocean Resort Casino (ORC) is showing big interest; they just partnered up with AC AFL to become the team’s official sponsor.

The Inside Scoop

The Arena Football League (AFL) will officially kick off in May. At that time, we’ll get our first glance at how AC’s new team performs. Until then, ORC is hard at work preparing for the league’s arrival. According to the casino, they’re in the process of creating a training camp that should be ready by April. Plus, the NJ casino will welcome referees and visiting teams for the duration of the 12-game season. George Manias, President and COO for the AC AFL said, “Our hope is that we showcase AC as a great AFL market. Also, we feel that ORC is going to set the tone for that.” Taking into consideration that most games see around 10,000 attendees, this is going to bring a lot of new faces to the city! ORC is a first-class property, so there’s no better place to welcome all the newcomers!

New Market in the Makingocean resort casino

As AC AFL gears up for their 2019 debut, they must first choose a name. On February 4th, the team announced five names to be voted on, Blackjacks, High Rollers, Royals, Gamblers, and Jackpot. It’s now been a month, and we’re still waiting for the official word, although we expect it anytime now. So as AC continues to prosper, this is a huge opportunity for both Ocean Resort Casino and AC AFL to grow their brands.