Ocean Resort Casino Employees One Step Closer to Unionization

Ocean Resort Casino (ORC) in Atlantic City might be going through some changes at the moment, but that’s not slowing the casino down one bit! Now, we’re learning that ORC workers are one step closer to joining the union! Last week, the New Jersey State Board of Mediation approved 74% of employees who signed union forms at the casino.

Meeting All Requirements

Under Federal law, only 50% of staffers need approval in order for the company to recognize the worker’s intentions to unionize. According to Bob McDevitt, president of UNITE HERE Local 54, “The number of signatures submitted to the board is really pleasing.” He then later said, “ORC acted in good faith, and we’re looking forward to sitting down at the table with them.”

So by all means, it looks like this happening sooner than later. At the moment, Local 54 serves nearly 8,500 employees in AC’s casinos and hotels. And this includes AC’s housekeepers, cooks, bartenders, servers, and other service workers. After the talks with ORC are final, more than 1,300 employees will join Local 54. Plus, the union is in the process of settling a contract for 1,500 Hard Rock AC workers.

Ocean Resort Casino Employees One Step Closer to UnionizationOne Step at a Time

Once Local 54 reaches a final agreement with Hard Rock, then they’ll focus on wrapping things up with Ocean Resort Casino. Local 54 is an associate of UNITE HERE, and they hold a lot of weight in the Garden State. The international labour union represents more than 270,000 workers across North America. Members in the US and Canada work in several different industries, notably in the hotel and gaming sectors. In AC, UNITE HERE Local 54 has been defending workers for more than 100 years and has over 10,000 members in NJ alone. Not to mention, Local 54 is the largest private union in the state. So by adding Hard Rock and ORC, these numbers will only grow.