Ocean Resort Casino Change its Name Again and makes a jackpot winner

In recent years, the Ocean Resort Casino has held several different names. Indeed, we’ve known it as the Revel and TEN. Now we’ll have to learn a new name. Luckily, they didn’t switch things up too drastically. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to remember. With that said, Ocean Resort Casino will now go by Ocean Casino Resort (OCR). According to property owners, the name change is part of a new re-branding strategy.

Changing Tides Alongside the Boardwalk

Now that Ocean Casino Resort has new owners, it’s likely we’re going to see many more exciting developments in the weeks and months to come. In fact, the company has been very open in recent days about all the changes on the way. So to set the record straight, they did so by flipping the name.

The company also announced on Twitter that it’s time to unveil a tide of changes. Starting with a shift of focus, OCR is now rolling out its new marketing plan. To start with, the operator said they’re a casino first. So to reflect that reputation, they’ve gone ahead and kicked things off with a name change. Not to mention, they also changed the casino’s logo. Which, consist of new colors and movements that reflect the oceans direct echo. Not only is it elegant, but it also proves that OCR is moving to the future.

Ocean Resort Casino Change its Name Again and makes a jackpot winnerJust to Make it Clear

Furthermore, OCR plans to re-brand the NJ casino by catering to affordability. Unlike Revel who only had a love for high rollers, OCR is clearly taking an opposite approach. Which, probably isn’t a bad idea since we all saw how Revel fell in the end.

Other than that, all is good at the Ocean. In fact, three days after announcing the name change, one lucky player won a jackpot. That’s right; on April 13th one fortunate gamer by the name of Michael wagered $1.00 on the Jin Long 888 slot game and pocketed $38,016 in the process. With that said, it’s pretty clear that OCR is putting casino first.