NRT & Sightline release Connect+ for Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino

NRT & Sightline release Connect+ for Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Casino. Hard Rock has recently announced that they will use Connect+ for its new payment platform. This is great news for players who use the online version of Hard Rock Casino.

Connect+ is a new cutting-edge technology, now released for the first time ever. The software will provide online customers with the best payment experience and options. And Hard Rock Online Casino is the first to introduce the new innovated platform to the world. The new system will allow players to make secure single online payment connections.

Furthermore, the payment platform is also available for Hard Rock’s Resort guests. Also, using advanced anti-theft tools, Connect+ will provide the best security for users. Protecting personal information is the #1 goal for NRT & Sightline.NRT & Sightline release Connect+ for Atlantic City's Hard Rock Casino

The integration of NRT & Sightline…

The two companies recently merged and will soon become NRT Sightline. This unit will push the company into the next generation. It’s no surprise that the world’s most recognized cafe and casino has chosen them. Top rank means you provide only top-ranked service and experience. Their reach has been both physical and digital. Also, the company won the “Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product of the Year” award. And this award was for the release of Play+ which, is a cloud-based cashless platform.

Hard Rock International continues to expand, and so do all their partners!

To sum up, Hard Rock Cafe, Casino & Resort has over 220 locations worldwide! Including its newest location in Atlantic City, NJ. Hard Rock also plans to open up 17 new locations around the world. And that also includes a cafe in Casablanca, Morocco as well. With that said, it would be safe to say that Hard Rock’s new partner has a bright future ahead. According to the developer, this new partnership is a milestone for the company. And you as a player will for sure enjoy the seamlessness of the new payment solution too!