NJ’s online gamers are getting younger, but…

NJ’s online gamers are getting younger, but… With technology at their fingertips all day, it’s not surprising that online gamers are getting younger. What is surprising is that in 2015 there was a 110-year-old gambler on at least one of New Jersey’s online casinos! Rutgers University’s Center for Gambling Studies recently published an Internet betting study. They’ve been collecting data since the launch of NJ’s online casinos in late 2013. With 2015 the second full year for the state’s nascent industry, the information was ripe for the picking. For example, we now know that in 2014 the oldest known online gambler was 98 years old. And that shows one of the advantages of online gambling today: any eager tech-friendly elder can play.new jersey online casino

A study on gambler demographics

Let’s be honest: very few Americans actually make it to 100 years old – and even fewer of these are spending their remaining days online! Despite a supercentenarian in the mix, the 2015 study shows online gaming demographics are getting younger. In fact, the average age of an online gambler in New Jersey in 2015 was just over 38. This is a bit younger than the previous year. More than a third of online gamblers were in the 25-34 age bracket, while just four percent were 65 or older.

Women are proving to be big spenders

According to the same report, men outnumbered women 2.5 to 1 across the entire population of New Jersey’s online casino players. Nonetheless, when it comes to spending money, women make up the majority of online high rollers. High rollers are also known as the top 10 percent. 51.8 percent of this top 10 percent were women while 48.2 percent were male. The average age of high rollers was close to 50, though there was a 90-year-old in the group.