NFL partnership threatens sports betting at Hard Rock AC

As you know, the Hard Rock Casino is opening in a couple of weeks. Still, the prospects of Sports Betting in its premises remain in doubt. The main reason is its partnership with the NFL.

In fact, the recently signed bill is imposing restrictions to avoid interference from operators. The restrictions are in place to keep the integrity of sports. Apparently, some casino operators might have a problem because of this. Since many have stakes in professional sports as you probably know.NFL partnership threatens sports betting at Hard Rock AC

Miami Dolphins association could stop Hard Rock to go live with sports betting!

The US Supreme Court’s decision to allow sports betting had sector-changing effects. In fact, many casinos are teaming up with tech providers to offer sportsbooks offline and online. And of course, it could also be the case for Hard Rock since they’re inked a deal (casino platform only) with Gaming Innovation Group (GIG). Which could easily extend to Sports Betting since GIG is not only a casino provider, but they also own a proprietary sportsbooks platform.

Hard Rock representatives are being cautious about making statements with regards to sports betting. In fact, they’re frequently pointing out their ongoing revision of the contract with the NFL and the Miami Dolphins. So far, Hard Rock only confirmed they’re reviewing those agreements. And that they expect to come to terms within the confines of specific treatments with the NFL.

Light of hope!

In general, the sports leagues’ constitutions oppose all forms of gambling. That is, legal betting included, and major partnerships usually come with an important provision, which prohibits its business partners from associating with the gambling industry.

But, there seems to be a light of hope for Hard Rock’s aspiration. In fact, the group once owned a casino in Las Vegas, that offered sports betting. Most likely under a special exception, and for that location only. And this might also be the strategy the casino will follow in the case of New Jersey. So all is not lost it seems, and one thing is certain Hard Rock chose the right platform provider should they decide to venture in sports betting!