NFL glitch prompted FanDuel to revoke $138,00 in winnings

This is a hard one to swallow! Especially if you’re one of the lucky winners who lost out on thousands of dollars due to a glitch. Although taking into consideration that glitches do happen, but what takes place afterward? Is it the players’ fault? Should a player take a loss because of a glitch?

This is a very unfortunate situation that could scare a lot of people off if not handled the right way. Now, should the players have their winnings honored or are the decision in right? So let’s see what actually happen.NFL glitch prompted FanDuel to revoke $138,00 in winnings

What went wrong?

First, the glitch is being called an “odds-making error” by FanDuel. So let’s get into what this means, and what exactly happened.

Well as we all know, Sunday is NFL game day in America. And we all know there’s a lot at stake on game day. This past Sunday was no exception! Two people from NJ wagered bets on a plus-75,000 odds for the Broncos to beat the Raiders with 1:10 left on the clock. At the time, the score was 17-19. The Broncos had the ball on their own 38, and the next pass was for 26 yards bringing them to Oakland’s 36. Which, we all know is close enough for a possible field goal and three points to give Denver the lead.

At that point, the odds for the Broncos to win was +340, and that means bet $100 to win $340.

A flash of richness

Now, at this exact moment, the Broncos were only 10 seconds away from a win. All kicker Brandon McManus had to do was kick the pigskin through the goal post.

At that precise moment, the system updated the odds to +75,000 on Denver to win the game! Which, means, bet $100 to win $75,000! WOW! And that’s precisely what these two NJ men did, and they took that bet.

Now, this clearly shows a malfunction of the system or “odds-making error.” The correct odds for Denver to win were -600. Which, means bet $600 to win $100. And this is more like it. In fact, as risky as it seems, the odds make it an easy hundred to win.

So what now?

Well, the case will now go before the New Jersey Division of Gaming for a final ruling. It’s an unfortunate situation that happened, but the proof of the glitch is quite evident.

After revealing the facts from Sunday night, everybody is at a loss here. Indeed, FanDuel could lose potential customers, and these winning players had their hopes dashed. But, should the players win when something obviously goes wrong? As it’s clear that what happened was an error and not FanDuel’s doing. We hope that all this get sorted out so that FanDuels credibility remains intact and that players will continue trusting FanDuel’s sportsbook offerings.