NFL could allow Hard Rock AC to enter the sports betting arena

NFL could allow Hard Rock AC to enter the sports betting arena. There’s no doubt about it, sports betting in NJ has taken off! Yet, one casino remained patient, and to no surprise, it was the Hard Rock. Indeed, the decision has been a tough one for Hard Rock as other casinos jump to the front to offer sportsbook. But the reasons are clear now why Hard Rock waited a bit before committing to the project.

Back in 2016, the casino entered into a contract with the Miami Dolphins that led to the naming of their stadium. And at the time sports betting in NJ wasn’t even under review nor was Hard Rock at its new Boardwalk location. Yet who could have thought that two years later this agreement with be harmful for the Hard Rock. As you know, the temporary Sports legislation forbid team owners and partners to offer bets on a sport/games they’re associated with.NFL could allow Hard Rock AC to enter the sports betting arena

A persisting rumour

Last week an important meeting took place according to several reports. In fact, 10 NFL franchise owners, agreed last Monday to allow companies that have associations with their sport to offer bets. And without a doubt, the future move of the Raiders to Las Vegas fuelled the discussions, Since MGM are the “official gaming partner”. This, of course, led to the Hard Rock wanting to amend the temporary legislation in place in NJ. In fact, the company drafted a suggestion “to allow casinos including those that operate sportsbooks, to sponsor teams in the league”.

Confirmed goals

So it seems, Hard Rock hasn’t completely disregarded the notion of a sportsbook. Back in July, the casino partnered up with Bet365. Yet, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement has only approved part of the agreement. This is due to the nature of the 2016 contract that Hard Rock has with the Dolphins. Of course, the new decision by the NFL could change all that. Which, would allow Hard Rock to get the rest of the agreement approved.

The deal at hand

To conclude, Hard Rock already has a $250 million contract with the Dolphins. The deal sees that the stadium will bear the name “Hard Rock Stadium” for at least the next 16 years. Additionally, Hard Rock Chief Executive said in May, “We have certain restrictions in our agreement with the NFL. And we’re currently reviewing those confidential restrictions in the agreement with the league.”

He added “Sports betting will be huge for New Jersey and for Hard Rock alike. And we look forward to participating in New Jersey sports betting.” So, Hard Rock may soon be able to take part of NJ’s explosive chapter. We will continue following this story and update you as soon as we receive word of some changes.