New times means new Solutions for Scientific Games

Scientific Games is putting into place a number of new features that lets casinos give players a safe and yet fun experience. As such, they are now ready to unveil their contactless solutions that will help brick and mortar casinos to keep players safe as they gamble. This comes as casinos are now being allowed to open after closing their doors on March 16th. With safety at the front of everyone’s mind, casinos need to come up with safety measures. These include more cleaning, more social distancing, and now better technology that will help casinos give players a better experience.New times means new Solutions for Scientific Games

Leading the Way

Undoubtedly, Scientific Games has always led the way with innovation. But now it is more important than ever to help players and casinos adapt to new times. As such, they have now developed contactless solutions to help. Indeed, these include a Social Distancing Module, Automated Game Sanitization, and a Unified Wallet. There are 3 different features to help casinos stick to social distancing rules in the Social Distancing Module. First, there’s the Dynamic Distancing. To sum up, it turns off all games that are close to another game once a player starts playing. Then there’s the EGM Scheduler. In essence, it lets casinos upload the games that should be kept enabled and lets them control it remotely. Lastly, the new feature enables players to reserve their games and seat when they visit a specific brick and mortar casino.

Even more, ways to stay safe while gambling

Following this is the automatic game sanitizer which searches out the games that casino staff need to sanitize after play. Also, it can schedule cleaning at regular intervals. Finally, there’s a unified wallet. This lets players play games without cash. As such, they can get their money to play games using an app on their smartphone. What’s more, it’s not just great for players, but also cost-effective for the casinos. Scientific Games is leading the way for land-based casinos to offer a safer and fun way to play. And that’s on top of offering some of the best slot titles to online casino players.