New line of slots from NetEnt

On July 18th NetEnt presented a brand new series of slots, Berryburst. The Berryburst will consist of a standard and MAX version. The announcement and sneak peek came Live from iGB Amsterdam, which is a gaming conference. What’s more is that a famous casino streamer introduced the game to a broad audience.

Now, the official European release date is set to 23rd of August. The series of Berryburst slots are very similar to each other with shared interface and mechanics. The only thing separating the two games apart is the RTP (Return To Player). The standard will play on 96.56% while the MAX will be slightly lower at 96.23%.New line of slots from NetEnt

So why release a set of the same game?

By releasing the two games, it gives the operators a broader audience they could cater to. As there is usually a clear segmentation when pushing marketing campaigns, this will both save time and cost for the casinos. The regular game is more for the everyday pleasure seeker. While the MAX version, on the other hand, is more for high rollers.

During the presentation Henrik Fagerlund, chief product officer of NetEnt, said.

“It is important for us to diversify the volatility in our games as we know that our partners are demanding more flexible games catering to different player needs, and we are a supplier that listens to our customers and deliver quality.

MAX series coming to NJ

As history teaches us after a European release, it usually takes up to 2 months before it arrives on the US market. Although, as the Berryburst is an entirely new way of releasing games we would not be surprised if the timeline shrinks this time around. As soon as the game goes live in NJ, you’ll be the first to know if you follow our news!