New Jersey’s inspires other US cities and states to make changes

New Jersey’s inspires other US cities and states to make changes. Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino sister location in Tulsa, OK will now offer new games. Unlike in AC, the Tulsa Hard Rock Casino does not offer ball & dice games like Roulette and Craps. Until now that is! Although this was not due to Hard Rock’s choice, those were the laws in Tulsa at the time.

As of last Monday, people came in droves to be the first at the tables. This change is due to NJ’s new advanced gambling laws that recently shook the industry. Cities and states are now becoming aware of the benefits that New Jerseyans are enjoying. And they want in on the action too! With that said, NJ looks to be leading the way forward and setting the bar to newer and higher standards.hard rock casino

How will this new change in Tulsa affect business in Atlantic City?

None at all! And this is in reference to the question asked by a Tulsa reporter from KTUL-TV. Who wondered if the new law would keep locals home instead of going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Although this change is great for Tulsa and nearby residents, it will not have any effect in NJ. People do not come all the way from Tulsa to AC to only bet on red or black and shoot the dice for lucky sevens! They come because Atlantic City offers something much more than games! They come for the cool ocean breeze, the Boardwalk experience, and of course the fresh seafood! And also, sports betting!

Looking ahead, plan a trip to Atlantic City before the summer ends

With all the new changes in the Industry, don’t forget about the upcoming events going on at Hard Rock AC. For example, on September 16th Drake will be in town to tear the roof down! So wherever you’re from, check flights out for that weekend!

Come feel the difference of an AC experience! There’s always something new and exciting happening on the legendary Boardwalk. So on that note, head over to Hard Rock’s Atlantic City’s website and check out what’s going on next and what to expect once you touchdown!