New Jersey’s CRDA Invests $700,000 in Atlantic City Esports

New Jersey’s CRDA Invests $700,000 in Atlantic City EsportsIt’s official, the NJ Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) plans to spend at least $700,000 into an Esports project. According to reports, the CRDA hopes this investment will attract millennials and all competitive game lovers to AC in the near future.

As we reported earlier this year, the Esports industry was looking to settle in Atlantic City. Now, it looks like those plans are a reality. In fact, the CRDA poured $700,000 into the Esports industry to guarantee the promotion of eSports in AC for the next 18 months.

The Game Plan

According to our sources, events will take place at the Boardwalk Hall & the AC Convention Center. Also, all events will be brought to you by Ingame Esports. Which, is a new company established earlier this year and that was co-founded by Angela Thomas. To sum up, this new platform enables the most skilled gamers to compete on.

According to Thomas, “Esports is for competitive video game players. So we’ve created a world stage for gamers who enjoy competing in sports games, war-based games, and fighting games.”

Also, Executive Director of the CRDA Matthew Doherty said, “As strange as it may seem, people actually enjoy watching other gamers play and compete. In fact, this may be the future of spectator Esports. Not to mention, this will bring a lot of new faces to Atlantic City who would have never come here if it wasn’t for Esports.”

A new form of gambling

Esports qualifies under NJ law as sports betting. There are several gaming leagues worldwide, and AC is about to become the Mecca for Esports. In fact, Ocean Resort Casino just hosted an Esports event on Dec. 21-23rd that included a $30,000 prize pool. So as you can see, things are taking off! The first major event from Ingame Esports should take place sometime in April or May 2019. So, stay tuned with Us at Online Casino NJ as this will get very exciting in the months to come!