New Jersey online casinos hit $20 million in September

New Jersey online casinos hit $20 million in September. On 12 October 2017, the monthly financial report for the online gaming industry was released. We’re happy to announce that once again the industry is showing growth sign. Indeed, for the 7th consecutive month, the revenue exceeded the 20 million dollar mark. Furthermore, the industry had a 26 % YOY growth, (September 2016 revenue- $16.2 million).

Following the news, Steve Ruddock, lead analyst for PlayNJ said: “Online gambling now accounts for some 10% of all casino revenue generated by Atlantic City casinos. Such a staggering total for a young industry is impressive. The bottom line is that legal online gambling has become an incredibly competitive market with many winners. That has undoubtedly explained the boom for New Jersey. ”

At this point, the online gaming industry of New Jersey generated $183.7 million in gross revenue. Which means that at this pace this industry will reach a quarter of a billion dollars in gross revenue for the casino nj

What does it mean for the casino players?

An industry which shows growth sign is always good. Well, to state the obvious. As a casino player, you’ll be happy to know this will impact you in a very positive way. Indeed, we anticipate that the online jackpot will make even more big winners. We also think that new game developers will recognize NJ’s potential. We think that some may try to get the seal of approval of the states to release their games. Perhaps in the near future, NJ casino players will have access to even more games. We certainly hope so!

But one thing is certain, as the market becomes more competitive players will receive greater welcome bonuses as we’ve seen in Europe. This is because casinos will fight to claim the pole position of the market and attract new players. See here the list of bonuses currently available in 100% legal NJ casinos.