New Jersey Officials Fine PokerStars for taking Several Illegal Bets

As sports betting in the Garden State becomes increasingly popular, it seems to be too tempting for bookmakers to not take bets on New Jersey college sports games. Perhaps, it’s time for operators to challenge this rule. Or invest in technology that would make it impossible for their staff to add odds on college games by mistake. Otherwise, there’s going to be a high price to pay. In recent news, we’ve learned that PokerStars, would join several bookies that are fined from taking bets on NJ college sports.

New Jersey Officials Fine PokerStars for taking Several Illegal Bets

A Pricy Lesson

According to officials, PokerStars must pay a $10,000 fine for accepting wagers involving two in-state universities. In fact, they took 216 bets equalling more than $2,750 on November 19th, 2018. We understand that this might seem like old news, but the truth is, it always takes a few months for the truth to come out. Regulators in the state might be a little slow to report, but they always do a thorough job and bust whoever violates the rules. The Division of Gaming Enforcement said the company acknowledges its mistakes and agrees to pay the expensive civil fine. Since then, PokerStars has refunded all illegal bets taken and vows not to let it happen again.

Times are Changing

The truth is, it’s about to get a lot harder for operators. That’s right, NJ officials plan to increase the penalty for taking bets on in-state college sports games. If the newly submitted Assembly Bill passes lawmakers, officials will be able to fine operators up to $100,000 per violation. Sportsbooks will also have to pay the state the amount equal to all improper bets, and operators could have their sports gambling permits suspended for ten days. So as you can see, it might get a lot tougher for sportsbooks to take certain bets. Times are changing, But, unfortunately, not for Jersey college sports betting.