New Jersey enters into poker agreement with Delaware and Nevada

New Jersey enters into poker agreement with Delaware and Nevada. Great news for poker players of New Jersey! Governor Chris Christie announced the signature of an agreement with Delaware and Nevada States. Indeed, as of now, players in New Jersey can play against players from different states.

New Jersey committed to reducing its depts with online gaming revenues.

We’re delighted to report this news. If you remember last summer we wrote about the decline of the online poker industry in NJ. Naturally, we then attributed the lack of revenue to seasonality and the World Series of Poker (which took place in Nevada during the slow period). It’s fantastic to see that New Jersey took action to solve this problem. But also, that the state is still committed to making New Jersey the online gaming Mecca of USA. We anticipate that the online revenues will significantly increase for 2017. If you remember, 2016 saw a tax intake of over $200 million.pokerstars nj casino

How will the players benefit from this?

First of all, we think that the online jackpots like “the bad beat jackpot” will increase quickly and players will win them more frequently. Secondly, we think that companies like PokerStars will increase the guaranteed prize pool of their big Sunday tournaments.

Furthermore, we also think that the player’s skill will drastically increase and produce even more great players. We already know that New Jersey can produce excellent poker players. Especially since Scott BLUMSTEIN took down the main event of the World Series of Poker in 2017. Perhaps the 2018 bracelet will stay on home turf, thanks to this agreement. Who knows?

We hope that this signature will also help the online casino industry. Perhaps soon we’ll see progressive jackpot slots share interstates prize pool. Only time will tell and we’ll make sure to report any changes on this front.