New Jersey Draws In $44.7 Billion From Tourism In 2018

With Liberty and Prosperity, New Jersey is clearly living up to its state motto. Indeed, the Garden State is booming these days. In fact, tourism accounted for $44.7 Billion in 2018 alone. Not to mention, tourism spending has grown for nine consecutive years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. With a coastline of 130 miles, the garden state is the place to be in the summer. People are once again flocking to America’s Favorite Playground by the millions.

Work Hard Play Hard

According to Governor Phil Murphy, the state generated $5 Billion in state and local taxes last year. With over 111 million people visiting NJ in 2018, the states tourism sector grew 7% YoY. Now that’s quite impressive, wouldn’t you agree? Tourism is the states seventh biggest industry and creates more than 334,000 jobs.

New Jersey Draws In $44.7 Billion From Tourism In 2018To nobody’s surprise, beverages and lodging came in at the top of the list regarding visitor spending. Considering how well AC is doing right now, it just goes to prove the city finally has a flourishing game plan. In June 2018 Hard Rock AC opened its doors along the iconic Boardwalk. Recently, new owners took over Ocean Casino Resort, which also opened its doors in June 2018. Since then, the property is once again attracting hundreds of new faces every day.

NJ on the Move

At this rate, the future state of NJ looks quite promising. “In the years to come as this critical industry continues to grow, we look forward to joining families from around the world in enjoying what New Jersey has to offer. We support the businesses and communities that make our state special,” said Murphy.

He later went on to conclude with, “The results today make clear that New Jersey’s natural landscape, beautiful cities, and towns, are in a class of their own. Which, attracts more visitors than ever before.” So as you can see, NJ is on the rise. Being that online casino and sports betting in NJ are in full swing, people simply can’t resist the fun. Now that the train 7861 is up and running again between Philly and AC; it’s a great time to visit.