New Jersey DGE warns casinos about withdrawal delays

When you play online casino and win, well, there’s a good chance you’ll withdraw a portion of your gains to treat yourself and a loved one. But when there are payout delays, a sweet win can quickly turn sour, as the DGE’s Director David Rebuck reminded operators. And this after some complaints landed on his desk. Apparently, the nudge to operators was mandatory given the concerns patron highlighted recently.

In fact, some players said they had to wait 2 weeks to get their funds. Meanwhile, others have noted that some online casinos have tried to encourage them to reverse the request and keep playing. And this goes against responsible gambling best practices, of course. So the DGE launched an investigation, as we just learned.New Jersey DGE warns casinos about withdrawal delays

The DGE is there to protect your rights

While David Rebuck understands that know your customer (KYC) checks and fraud investigations can take some time. There have been many complaints. So, he needs to review what happens to understand the matter fully.

According to him, there’s a fine line between protection and paying players what’s owed to them. So, the Division is looking to see which companies are using delaying tactics.

He also said that if a customer asks about a withdrawal, and the customer support says that the process takes time, that’s one thing. However, according to him, if they withdraw the request and can play with the funds straight away, that’s simply not right. As he pointed out, the only acceptable delays are related to fraud checks because they’re there to protect patrons.

The moral of the story

In conclusion, the DGE signalized its intention to “take action” with operators breaking the rules. In fact, according to Rebuck, the DGE will impose fines on any company they believe is delaying payments on purpose.

While the recent events are regretful and don’t promote an excellent experience to players, there’s a silver lining in this story. And it’s that the DGE listens to players, and they’re quick to address any concerns too. Hence the importance of playing with an operator who holds one of their licenses.