New Jersey Devils in with a shot at the cup

A week is a long time in betting, as the New Jersey Devils are proving. In fact, not long ago, the New Jersey bookmakers thought that the chance of the New Jersey Devils winning the Stanley Cup was minimal. However, day by day, those odds are climbing. So, if you want to get in on the action, best to make those bets sooner rather than later.
After all, Sports betting is legal and surely a bet on our local team to win it all, will indeed make the season a lot more fun.

the Devils odds are ClimbingNew Jersey Devils in with a shot at the cup

When it comes to the 2020 Stanley Cup, the Devils are seeing their odds skyrocketing nowadays. In fact, two months ago, at the end of the 2019 Stanley Cup, the Devils had odds of 80/1. If you’d made a bet then, you’d be very profitable because right now the odds are of at 25/1.
It looks like there’s a trend. So the wise money will go on bookmakers such as Borgata and Fanduel, who are giving some of the leading market odds at the moment. But Betfair, Tropicana and Hard Rock casino have odds on the Devils to win the cup this year too.

Big Changes Makes the Difference

So, why the big climb? Well, although they haven’t been playing new hockey games this summer.There’s been a lot of movement behind the scenes.
Indeed, the Devils won the draft lottery, drafted Jack Hughes. Furthermore, they have traded for PK Subban and John Hayden, signed Wayne Simmonds and traded for Nikita Gusev. As well as this, they have kept Will Butcher, Connor Carrick, and Mirco Mueller as restricted free agents.
So, the odds changed because of these moves. And also because of the way the Devils have treated them.

In fact, they treated PK Subban signing with as much enthusiasm as when LeBron headed to Miami. The odds might be against them, but they could surprise their way to victory. And if you place your bet today, who knows you might have a chance to celebrate their victory in style too. So, why wait?