New Jersey approves a fantasy sports bill

Great news for online gamblers and sports fans! On July 3rd, a bill to legalize fantasy sports received the seal of approval of the senate. Presently, the A-3532 bill is just waiting for Governor Christie’s signature. Everyone is hopeful that Christie, who’s shown leniency towards gambling in the past will sign it.

An impressive 29 – 6 delegate approved the bill. Its acceptance with flying colors is due to the positive impact the industry has in New Jersey. Indeed, since its legalization, the state is recovering financially. Plus, the IT job sector is booming. Additionally, more tourists are visiting Atlantic City the never.betfair casino

Everyone agrees! This acceptance marks a victory for the sector of skill games.

What are the conditions to the bill?

  • Players need to be at least 18 years old to join a league.
  • Atlantic City will host most of the gaming servers.
  • Players who have self-restriction cannot join a league.
  • The state fund should receive 10.5% of the gross revenue of the industry.
  • Operators cannot run fantasy games on high school sports.

How will this affect the gaming industry and New Jersey?

It is estimated that, because of this bill, an additional $6.5 million annually will go to the state of New Jersey.

In our opinion, major players like Betfair are likely to cease this opportunity. This is because the operator is already a famous world wide bookmaker. Logically, we anticipate they’ll be one of the first casinos to offer it. But we’ll just have to wait and see before drawing any conclusions.pokerstars nj casino

Now that fantasy sport is legal, we think fantasy poker is next. The fantasy poker games are very popular on social media. This could open the door to PokerStars. Perhaps they’ll create a new product soon?

At this stage, one can only speculate. But one thing is certain. The gaming industry in Nj is on the verge of major changes. And we’re excited about it and so should you.