New Bill to allow casinos to stay open during a government shutdown

You’ve probably heard about the imminent threat that all land based casinos in the state of New Jersey were faced with last week. This is because Governor Chris Christie was unable to pass a budget plan in time on 3rd July. He decided to close the Government Friday night. Because of his failure to meet the expectation and because both branches of the Government were unable to break the impasse. A Government shut down along with all state-run tourist attractions was imposed.

Luckily, the New Jersey Government shut down only lasted 24 hours. But it was enough to make Senators Jim Whelan, Jeff Van Drew and Senate President Steve Sweeney to react and proposed a new legislation (S-3421) on 7th July.New Bill to allow casinos to stay open during a government shutdown

The goal of the S-3421 bill is to protect the thriving gambling industry and its 50,000 New Jersey employees. It is proposed that S-3421 would declassify Casinos as tourist attractions. In the event of a Government shut down. This is because they are now considered to be the back bone of the garden state economy. It goes without saying that closing casinos for any period of time. Would drastically affect the much-needed revenue the gambling industry brings to the state. For the time being, it is unclear if this new bill has the support of other Senators.

Would a Government shut down affect the online casinos?

Rest assured, all online casinos would remain open should a government shut down occurred again. But it’s important to follow this topic closely as the discussions are currently in progress and changes are happening as we speak.

After the wide spread of emotions, the New Jersey Government caused its citizen. It is said, that many NJ resident preferred to play online casino last Friday as opposed to visiting land based ones.

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