New attack by an anti-gambling group and you’ll never guess who

New attack by an anti-gambling group and you’ll never guess who. The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG) is looking for truants. Indeed, they’re preparing a new strategy of attack to prevents advertisers from targeting vulnerable people.

In case you didn’t know the CSIG goal is to reduce online gambling. As a result, they’re trying to make the American online gambling industry look bad. Even if it contributes widely to the economy. Granted, as for all things there’s always pros and cons. And remember that it’s opposing views like this that creates changes and makes for better standards.New attack by an anti-gambling group and you’ll never guess who

Adelson and Lincoln are teaming up!

Most of the funding for the CSIG comes from Sheldon Adelson. Incidentally, Adelson is a businessman who once owned the Sands Casino in PA. It’s worth knowing that Adelson recently sold the Sand for $1.3 Billion. Which means that the businessman who’s always opposed to online gambling both has time and money at its disposal. And he can now pick up a debate that matters to him.

Adelson is joined by Blanche Lincoln (former Democrat Senator). Lincoln strategy is to generate anti-online gambling media to prove that online gambling is bad. For this purpose, she is scrutinizing online gambling firms. She says some of these target children, senior citizens, and problem gamblers. According to the CSIG, some children’s game sites show gambling ads. And this, of course, is a big no-no and against the law.

Once upon a time…

This situation is compared to how cigarette companies used to advertise. Once upon a time, they used to make smoking look sexy.

And Lincoln seems to like this comparison. “You used to have the Marlboro man; you used to have those ads. Congress in its wisdom and some in the industry determined it was not appropriate…” She says advertising is exactly what hooks kids and desperate seniors. She says they try to hook marginalized people and those trying to feed a family.

In the past two years, casinos are more careful with their advertising. There’s also more education done at the end-user level. And as always, parents are invited to set up parental control on family’s computer to keep their children safe.